Testimonials from consumers in the UK

AmnioSense was extremely comfortable to wear. It was absorbent, stayed in place and felt like wearing a normal pad.

The pack instructions were clear and as a result AmnioSense was easy to use.

For me, AmnioSense provided peace of mind and I would definitely buy AmnioSense in the future as well as recommending other pregnant mums to buy the product.

Kerri, UK

Comfort was the same with AmnioSense as a normal pad and it was a nice size in terms of the pad itself. I had a urine leak and the pad tested this clearly.

AmnioSense is a very smart product especially for first time mums and anxious mums. I would definitely buy AmnioSense in the future with another pregnancy.

Daneece, UK

I used AmnioSense a few times and it looks and feels like a normal pad.

The product definitely offers peace of mind and I would recommend other mums-to-be to buy AmnioSense.

Rosanne, UK

I can see the benefit of using AmnioSense. I know quite a few pregnant women concerned about leaking amniotic fluid who I believe would find AmnioSense reassuring.

I would recommend AmnioSense to women who have concerns as AmnioSense does offer that peace of mind for sure.

Katy, UK

AmnioSense is a very good idea, particularly for anxious mothers to be like me!

AmnioSense offered peace of mind. The pack instructions were easy to follow and the pads themselves were comfortable.

I would definitely buy AmnioSense in the future.

Concetta, UK

Testimonials from Midwives in the UK

As a midwife and a mother of 3 it was a delight to come across AmnioSense.

In my opinion AmnioSense™ will help to reduce women’s anxiety and provide added confidence towards the end of pregnancy, when they may experience dampness and have to decide whether to make the trip to hospital.

As a midwife I know in the majority of cases women will be sent home from hospital as the dampness is likely to be due to urine, so using AmnioSense could help women decided if they need make that trip, contact their midwife or stay at home.

It is important to stress that if women have any concerns about their pregnancy they should always speak with their midwife or healthcare provider.

Personally I believe AmnioSense pads are a NO BRAINER.

Eileen Flatley, Registered Midwife

The development of AmnioSense is great news. The published, clinical evidence behind AmnioSense is very impressive and the product has the proven ability to help identify the cause of any unexpected leaks rapidly.

The feedback I have had from women who have tried AmnioSense is that it can take some of the worry out of pregnancy by providing a simple and accurate home test to confirm whether or not their waters have broken. AmnioSense also provided them with peace of mind.

Emma Herbert, Registered Community Midwife

Until now, the only way to diagnose ruptured membranes has been a speculum examination to look for amniotic fluid or use a specialist indicator swab. AmnioSense could help many mums avoid a speculum, giving significant benefits.

For healthcare professionals in primary and community settings, there has been little choice but to refer women to the hospital for an assessment. However, AmnioSense is much more convenient and unobtrusive. It uses some very smart, but simple, user friendly technology, providing a non-invasive test which is backed by research as well as NICE. Most importantly, AmnioSense enables users to tell the difference between a weak bladder or an amniotic leak.

Bonny Jordan, Registered Midwife

Leaks are a worry for pregnant women with many reporting to hospital with wetness. Unless there is an obvious rupture of the membranes, a speculum examination will be performed to determine if there is any pooling of amniotic fluid.

However current testing methods do not always detect small ruptures and hind leaks, which is of concern for all healthcare professionals, as any leak of amniotic fluid increases the risk of a serious neonatal infection and early onset of labour.

AmnioSense is a smart innovation. I like the fact that AmnioSense allows continuous monitoring plus detects minute leaks.

Nicola Kingham, Registered Community Midwife

Testimonials from consumers in Australia & New Zealand

In my experience with AmnioSense™ panty liners I found them a huge comfort to have on hand in the later stages of pregnancy. To know, whilst being my first pregnancy and not really knowing what to expect when my waters would break, that I had them to help provide some reassurance and answers was lovely.

In my personal experience the extremely easy and quick availability of them helped acknowledge that what I had experienced was my waters rupturing and I could quickly inform my midwife and husband while being home alone.

Would definitely recommend to other pregnant woman for peace of mind and comfort especially for first timers.

Victoria, NSW, Australia

It was good to have the AmnioSense™ pads on hand for reassurance that those extra secretions that occur were normal and not in fact a membranes leak. I felt comfortable wearing the pads and felt it removed unnecessary worry and anxiety from everyday situations.

Kara, QLD, Australia

In my previous pregnancy I thought my waters had broken whilst vaccuming at home. I called my husband to leave work. He had to tell colleagues. We went off to hospital, only to find I pee’d myself. Embarrassing when my husband returned to work the next day.

I was hoping to eliminate this, for my current pregnancy. And one of the days I was wearing the AmnioSense™ pads I had a slight leak and was able to rule out my waters breaking as it didn’t turn blue.

Great product and peace of mind.

Karen, SA, Australia

I used a pad when I thought I was having labour signs and a second one when I thought my waters had broken. It was good having them as it showed me that it was not my waters breaking, but just the show. It is definitely a great product for peace of mind especially if you are worried about amniotic fluid leaking.

Renate, New Zealand

They improved my pregnancy experience as because it’s my first, I was able to feel at ease with the increased moisture I experienced. Initially, I was concerned, but the liners helped put my mind at ease.

Emma, NSW, Australia

AmnioSense is sold as AL-SENSE in Australia and New Zealand

Reference: Survey completed by Mum Media Group Audience Group Product Review, September 2015

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