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How does AmnioSense™ work?

The test undergoes two steps; firstly the test strip acts as a pH indicator and changes colour on contact with fluid of pH > 6.5. Amniotic fluid has a high pH of more than 6.5.

The test differenciates between amniotic fluid and urine by an innovative combination of the panty liner layers and the chemical formula. When contacted by urine, it usually reverses the pH reaction and reverts the colour back to yellow. It is therefore important to wait the full 15 minutes to interpret the final result.

What are the advantages of using AmnioSense™?

AmnioSense™ has the ability to detect even a small volume of amniotic fluid, over a prolonged period of time (up to 12 hours per liner) and so may assist in avoiding mis-diagnosis of amniotic fluid leakage.

AmnioSense™ provides a non-invasive alternative to other detection methods, with rapid results (in just 15 minutes) and high levels of sensitivity and spectificity.

Are there any limitations to the product?
Antibiotic therapy or vaginal infections (such as BV or TV) can lead to an elevated vaginal pH level, which may result in a false-positive test result for the presence of amniotic fluid. Tap water can interfere with the test and may give a false-positive result – this is why users are advised to ensure they have totally dried themselves if they have recently showered or bathed. If sexual intercourse or vaginal douching/treatments have occurred within the last 12 hours, this may also interfere with the test.
How does AmnioSense™ compare to other diagnostic methods?


I think I have seen this product before, how can AmnioSense™ be new?
Versions of the AmnioSense™ product have been sold under several different names in the past; Vision ALD™, AL-SENSE™, AmniScreen™. AmnioSense™ is a new and improved version of our product.
How is AmnioSense™ different from AL-SENSE™?
The technology within the product has been developed and improved to provide even more accurate and easy to interpret results. Results are now available in just 15 minutes.
I would like to use AmnioSense™ in my hospital/practice, how can I get it?
AmnioSense™ is available in packs of 50 liners for use in a clinical setting. Please contact us if you would like to purchase the product.

What do users say?

AmnioSense™ is new to the UK but has been sold in several countries for some time.

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