How to use AmnioSense™

  • Dry your hands and body completely before using this product.
  • Unwrap the individual AmnioSense™ liner.
  • Simply attach the AmnioSense™ liner to your underwear – the pale yellow strip should sit directly against your vagina.
  • Wear as you would a normal panty liner and continue your day as normal until you feel any wetness – each liner can be worn for up to 12 hours.
  • It is not advised that you use the liner when only lying down, since any fluid may not land on the polymer strip. The liner should be worn during your normal daily routine, while sitting, standing or walking, to allow gravity to assist in ensuring any liquid lands on the detector strip.
  • Once wetness has been experienced, you should remove the liner and wait 15 minutes before reading your result.
  • The liners are for single use only, so should be disposed of after use, as you would any other feminine hygiene product.

See in-pack leaflet for full instruction of how to use.

How to interpret the results

15 minutes after you have removed the liner from your underwear look for a colour change. Make sure you have good lighting to read your results.

Colour change to blue or green

If the liner turns blue or green (this colour can be any size, shape or location, even if faint), this is an indication of probable amniotic fluid leakage.

The colour change can look cloudy and can be more intense along part of the yellow strip edge. Consult your midwife, doctor or go to hospital as soon as possible, take the liner and in-pack leaflet with you to share your result.

No colour change/remains yellow

If the liner remains or turns yellow (did not change colour) after 15 minutes, the vaginal wetness was probably not caused by amniotic fluid.

Dispose of AmnioSense™ liner as you would any other feminine hygiene product.

If you continue to feel wetness, use a new liner.

If you observe any signs of vaginal bleeding, disregard the results, and contact your
midwife or doctor immediately.

What might affect the accuracy of the result?

Antibiotic therapy or vaginal infections (such as bacterial vaginosis or
trichomoniasis) can lead to an elevated vaginal pH level, which may result in a
false-positive test result for the presence of amniotic fluid (i.e showing a blue
or green stain when amniotic fluid is not present). Vaginal douching soaps and
sexual intercourse within the last 12 hours, as well as tap water, may also affect
the results of the test.

Why do I need to wait 15 minutes for the results?

The tester liner may initially go blue and/or green before fading back to yellow within 15 minutes. It is therefore important to wait the full 15 minutes to interpret the final result.

If the liner turns blue or green (any size, shape or location even if faint) consult your
midwife or go to the hospital without delay.

If the result is not clear or you feel uncertain you should consult your midwife or
doctor for further diagnosis.

Reporting results to your midwife or doctor

In case of confusing results or uncertainty, you should show the liner to your
midwife or doctor for further diagnosis – please note, amniotic fluid stains stay
visible for at least 2 hours.

You should also consult your midwife or doctor if you suspect you have a
vaginal infection, are bleeding or experience any skin sensitivity or irritation upon use.

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