About AmnioSense™

Why use AmnioSense™?

AmnioSense™ is the only home test available in the UK that can help you understand if a fluid leak during pregnancy is more likely amniotic fluid or urine.

This unique detector strip is contained in a panty liner, so it’s a familiar format and easy to use.

How does AmnioSense™ work?

AmnioSense™ has been created, with a unique composition to detect fluid by testing the pH (acidity) levels and ammonia levels to differentiate it from urine.

The liner has a central polymer-embedded strip which changes colour from yellow to blue and/or green, when it comes into contact with fluid that has a pH level equal or higher than 6.5. This is because amniotic fluid has an acidity level greater than 6.5, so its presence will cause
this colour change to occur.

Even the smallest amounts of amniotic fluid leakage will create a visible blue and/or green stain.

What do users say?

AmnioSense™ is new to the UK but has been sold in several countries for some time.

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